Saturday, July 7, 2007

O Lord...

Take away my fears
They scare my simplicity

Take away my obsessions
They scorch my soul

Take away my ambitions

They push me around

Take away my comfort

It makes me slothful

Take everything away
And give me back myself

Give me back my emptiness...


CordieB said...

Just curious to know whether you've regained yourself. Very nice poem. It's so often that we feel this way, but I've never attributed being myself to emptiness. But I suspose we are all a responsibility to at least one thing, if no more than having to breath, and should we rid ourselves of all responsibilities, attachements, etc; we are left with emptiness. Thanks for sharing.

Vijayeendra said...

Nice one dude ! I would pray to lord to take everything away from you and give it to me ;-) !!

Live life ! Cheers !